Friday, June 15, 2012


Hey hey hey! What is up my little homies, I have been absent for a fair amount of time, but I am coming to you now with some of my new ventures and projects. In the past few months many things have happen. One unfortunate event was my leaving my occupation at Infinite Scale, I was sad to leave but it only means bigger and better things to come. So in the spirit of that I decided to pursue more of my dance career, and I put together a crew with a few of my good friends: Murphy (aka THe KiDD) and Bryan (aka B-boy Slinky), and we have named ourselves EMOTCNZ (pronounced "emoticons"), and this is a first look at the graphic side that I have created for us. There are new and big things coming for us, so please stay tuned< I want all of you to be there with us. Enjoy


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